Take Five: Vallis Alps’ Top 5 Songs By Female Artists That Made An Impact On Culture

Written by Ryan O'Connor on 8th March, 2023
Take Five: Vallis Alps’ Top 5 Songs By Female Artists That Made An Impact On Culture

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we thought we'd take a moment to appreciate the amazing contributions of female artists in the music industry. Just one example of incredible female talent in the local music scene is Parissa Tosif, one half of sensational Aussie electronic duo Vallis Alps. We caught up with Parissa ahead of International Women's Day to chat about her top five songs by female artists that have impacted our culture as we know it. Check out her responses below!

Words by Parissa Tosif (Vallis Alps):

It's so difficult to narrow these songs down to five. So many women have had an impact on culture and the conversation around women's empowerment and equality in society. I love so many women for their stories but here are my top 5 songs by female artists that made an impact on culture...

Little Simz - Woman ft. Cleo Sol

"Woman to woman, I just want to see you glow," - this song is encouragement, love and upliftment. It's the best thing seeing women celebrate other women and this song is SUCH a huge boost of energy from Little Simz. My favourite part of this song is that she celebrates womanhood from different cultural backgrounds, which we sometimes forget to talk about in the discourse on women's empowerment.

Meg Mac - Give Me My Name Back

I love Meg Mac's music. Particularly because she has a powerhouse voice that brings so much emotion to her music paired with a gentleness that makes you want to listen to everything she has to say. This song stood out for me and many others when it first came out because of its message to women and other people who feel they have had to give up a part of themselves for others - to reclaim identity, dignity and self-worth.

Grimes - Oblivion

Grimes is inspirational for her fierce authenticity. This song is a great example of that as she courageously shares her story of being the victim of violent assault. She touches on the reality of our lives as women - constantly trying to protect ourselves, belittlement, violence. Yet somehow, it's a happy pop song and I feel courageous listening to her, like she gives me strength. A great example of women using their power to create meaning out of hardship.

RAYE - Ice Cream Man

Culture shifts when people are brave enough to share their stories. This song is Raye bravely and honestly sharing her experiences with sexual and physical assault by a producer in the music industry. Our industry is known for its misogyny and sexism (see Raising Their Voices report and @beneaththeglassceiling for examples). What I love most about this song is how she tells the world that despite what she's gone through she'll 'be damned if she let's a man ruin how she walks, talks and does it'.

Logic1000 - Precision

This last one is a song that blew me away when it first came out because of Logic1000's creativity and ability to push musical boundaries while still being enjoyable to listen to. I love everything she does and she's a testament to amazing music coming from female musicians and producers.

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