Take Five: Blanco White's Top Parks To Visit On Your Next World Adventure

Written by Clodagh Mangan on 30th November, 2023
Take Five: Blanco White's Top Parks To Visit On Your Next World Adventure

London folk singer-songwriter and guitarist, Blanco White has enchanted fans worldwide with his intricate melodies and genre-defying sound. After studying flamenco guitar in Cádiz, Spain and the Andean instrument, the charango in Sucre, Bolivia, he began to fuse Latin American and Andalusian folk through his music. Blanco's newly released album, Tarifa, is filled with his signature dreamscape sound and emotional lyrics. The well-travelled Brit is infatuated with culture and we're thrilled to have him take us through his top parks around the world.

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Words by Blanco White:

I love living in cities but am also someone who needs to have access to natural spaces. Here are some of my favourite parks that have given me joy over the years and given me a place to work on lyrics away from the studio.

Parque Genovés, Cádiz

This park stretches along the sea wall at the very end of the city of Cádiz in southern Spain. It’s surreal and magical, with trees from all over the world. Its positioning right on the waterfront makes it even more special.

Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro

This is a remarkable dream like space that's a little sanctuary away from the noise of the city. The trees and sounds of animals and insects are so different to those I grew up with in cold Northern Europe, and the avenues created have amazing views up to the mountains that the city is built around. Dusk is particularly magical here.

Highgate Wood, London 

This is my favourite of London's many parks and is round the corner from where I've lived for the last few years. It's an ancient preserved woodland that changes beautifully with the seasons, and in the middle is a glade with a cricket pitch. It's a hidden gem and the boundaries stop at the forest edge.

Alameda del Tajo, Ronda

Stumbling across this park for the first time was unforgettable. It has beautiful rows of trees and plants leading to a big cliff edge with amazing views to the nearby mountains.

Plaza Mina, Cádiz

Although a Plaza not a park, Plaza Mina has so many trees that it feels like its own sanctuary within Cádiz. Most of the trees are native to the rainforest of South America with big buttress roots, so you feel transported away from Europe to another continent. It's surrounded by cafes and bars, and kids play football in between the trees.